At Solution Source, we are committed to providing professional property service solutions to our clients for their residential and commercial properties.

Solution Source is a property services company offering a full range of solutions for the maintenance, preservation, renovation and restoration of distinctive properties throughout the state of Florida. 

We offer both residential and commercial property owners every service they need to help maintain the 'curb appeal', 'habitability' and 'marketability' of their properties.

Curb Appeal is Key to Maximizing REO
Property Values

We understand the critical importance of placing and maintaining REO properties in a desirable marketable condition as efficiently, timely and as cost effectively as possible.

When a property is maintained properly with "curb appeal" in mind, the likelihood of a potential buyer issuing an offer is greatly enhanced.

This reduces the time the property is on the market and provides the property holder a better opportunity to recapture their capital while mitigating loses and negative cash flow.


How can we help your organization with its REO properties?
Please contact our office at 813-704-5994.

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